Desktop Monitoring System with Bluetooth.
After two years of intensive research and development, we are pleased to introduce our new range of Monitoring control solutions. RAM System Series, including 3 new products that will satisfy the needs of any studio size.
We’ve combined our state-of-the-art analog circuitry for a superior transparency and ultra-low noise distortion with modern features like Bluetooth connection, to deliver audiophile-quality sound and feature sets tailored for project studios, commercial recording facilities, and post-production houses who deliver in 5.1 surround. The top-of-the-line RAM System 5000 is designed for studios that require extensive, mastering-grade stereo and 5.1 monitoring functionality.
The three units are fitted with 64-step, gold-plated relay ladder attenuation for master level control — a feature usually found only on high-end large-format consoles. Our Bluetooth connectivity provides convenient wireless input for mobile devices. And with its classic RAF-gray cosmetics and prominent red Marconi knob, your RAM system will add a touch of class to your control room.


The RAM SYSTEM 5000 features generous I/O, with four pairs of +4 dBu balanced analog inputs and five stereo outputs, an independent pre-fader MIX OUT, four independent stereo CUE I/O, and three digital options: S/PDIF coax input, AES/EBU and TOS Link as well as pro-audio-quality Bluetooth input for easy mobile device integration. The 5000’s two audiophile-grade diamond-buffer-based headphone amplifiers are capable of driving any headphones without noise or coloration. For easy recall of common settings, two user-assignable preset levels are provided.

For communicating with talent, there’s a built-in Talkback with console-style management. Lastly, Heritage Audio equipped the RAM SYSTEM 5000 with an independent Subwoofer output that lets you effortlessly share your sub between different speaker pairs.

  • All functions on high-quality illuminated engraved buttons.
  • Configurable for 5.1 or stereo.
  • 4 pairs of balanced +4 dBu analog inputs in Stereo mode.
  • 1 x 5.1 input plus an additional stereo +4 dBu analog input.
  • 1 pair of unbalanced analog inputs on RCA connectors.
  • Wolfson WM8741 24-bit/192 kHz DAC selectable between AES/EBU, S/PDIF, and TOSLINK.
  • Pro-audio-quality Bluetooth input for easy mobile device integration.
  • 4 pairs of CUE inputs on DB25 connectors for cue-mix distribution to artists.
  • 1 x 5.1 output plus 2 additional stereo outputs in 5.1 mode.
  • 5 pairs of stereo outputs in stereo mode.
  • Independent MIX output (pre-fader; follows Input).
  • Independent Subwoofer output facilitates sub sharing between different speaker sets, including 5.1.
  • 2 user-assignable preset levels for easy recall of common settings.
  • MUTE, DIM, MONO and PHASE REVERSE functions.
  • MUTE/SOLO functions for individual speakers.
  • 2 high-level, ultra-high-current, audiophile-grade diamond-buffer-based headphone amplifiers, capable of driving any hi- or lo-Z headphones without coloration or noise.
  • Headphone source selectable between mix and cue signals.
  • Wireless Talkback with console-style management, including Talkback to Cue, Talkback to Mix, and Talkback to All.
  • Remote includes long-life battery, rechargeable via USB cable.
  • Main unit includes charging dock.
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