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Our Story


With the vision
of Peter Rodriguez

A Civil Engineer, and Music Producer, that one day decided to follow his true passion and change his life entirely. He went from building Wind Turbines to Start developing recording equipment with the vintage sound that He and many people admire and yearn.

The goal was set, the dream was born, it was time to work hard. Peter started assembling the first prototypes by himself, experimenting, learning, doing and undoing, but loving every step of the way.

After a short period of time, combining his experience as a producer with his analytical mindset, He was able to understand the key elements necessary to make high-quality recording gear, affordable and reliable, and he made those the pillars of Heritage Audio.

Our philosophy is To Make Vintage Sound possible for today’s studios.

All of our efforts are aimed at creating recording gear that maintains the tone and character of the audio of the ’70s and adapting them to the needs of today’s music makers.

And we are glad that Peter took that leap of faith, we are now a team of 15 people and growing, we’ve expanded our production plant located in the heart of Madrid, Spain, we have successfully introduced innovative products, and Now Heritage Audio is among the most popular Brands in the Top Retailers around the world.

We take pride on our work, and we like to think that somehow, we are contributing to make great music.